Thursday, September 16, 2010

Luoyang Office "Social Security" No need to run errands

The establishment of the city of Luoyang integrated employment and social insurance service management application system, making the city's social security, employment services, applications and the labor market application of resources for effective integration.

"Excuse me, Miss Meng Xinxin Human Resources at you."

"I'm sorry, Miss Meng went away to do it."

"Went out again? That when she was general in it? I did not find her for days."

"I'm really sorry, Miss Meng busy, and often go out, you call back tomorrow to try it!"

Previously, Luoyang A company's prospects Xiao Zhao, always looking for Miss Meng received the phone, but also doing the same explanation.

To be honest, Luoyang A HR department's Miss Meng, responsible for a lot of things really, medical, pension and personnel recruitment and other things, always need to run her over Luoyang City. But recently Miss Meng uncharacteristically, even out the frequency suddenly decreased.

Now, Miss Meng having to go out, as long as the computer in the office and easily enter the name and identity card number, employees of health care, pension insurance and job search and other information, you can glance at a computer screen.

As everyone knows, this is the Luoyang City "Jinbaogongcheng" constant improvement, made Luoyang the public consultation on social security, which enjoy the convenience.

Hold up the two systems, "Social Security"

Speaking of Luoyang city, "Jinbaogongcheng," but it Henan "Jinbaogongcheng" an important part of the Department of Labor and Social Security has been identified as a national model city Jinbaogongcheng building, and popular concern about the national counterparts.

In order to build a demonstration role to play, "Jinbaogongcheng", demanding the project, to Luoyang to pay social security funds, records, accounts, payments, inquiries, and the labor market, employment, recruitment, employment, labor and social security Service agents, training and other services, fully integrated into computer management; network to the United States, provinces, the second line management agency for all districts and counties, streets, community handling network.

Project planning includes two major systems: First, social insurance for the handling, management and service support of social security information system; Second, the labor resource management, public employment services, vocational training, employment support services management information systems.

In this way, Luoyang City, "Jinbaogongcheng" with the ultimate aim is for Luoyang "Jinbaogongcheng" build a network platform.

3 Network top to bottom

Luoyang Municipal Labor and Social Security Information Center, under the "Jinbaogongcheng" the general requirements, implemented a three-tier network architecture planning.

Project Labor Bureau of Luoyang City Council Information Centre as the core of the network nodes, lateral joint income pension, work injury, medical care, unemployment and other business sectors, as well as the social insurance handling, management and services to support the provision of social insurance information server group, set up a separate network workstations, together constitute the "center of municipal networks."

Then, through the transmission network into the vertical down together "at the district level network center", then "county-level network-centric" The same downward through vertical transmission network together into "town, the community network", which builds a three-tier network architecture.

WAN backbone nodes in the main device, Luoyang Municipal Labor and Social Security Information Center, Taiwan, using a carrier-grade backbone routers DCR-8800, 2 sets Chassis Core Routing Switch DCRS-7616 Gigabit and carrier-class gigabit firewalls DCFW-1800E -G.

Security relationship based on people's livelihood

As the "Jinbaogongcheng" as closely related to labor protection and people e-government projects, reliability, security requirements bear the brunt.

In this regard, the wide area network backbone nodes of major equipment, not only provides a perfect standard ACL mechanism, also introduced scalable ACL-X security policy, depending on the time to automatically switch a different security policy, which is large and for the network data traffic Luoyang uneven distribution of time "Jinbaogongcheng" very applicable.

Meanwhile, the three network also offers the flexibility of access restrictions on access and traffic control of the depth of business and business sense with wire-speed, intelligent service control, constitutes a business application layer security management SecAPP, does not affect the switch in the full forward performance under the premise of achieving BT, eMule and other P2P application service access control and traffic management, ensuring adequate bandwidth is critical applications.

"Relaxation" Gigabit multi-service bearer

Remove the reliability, the project will need to pay the city's social security funds, records, accounts, payments, inquiries and labor market employment, recruitment, employment, labor protection matters, training and other services all included in computer management, network together national, provincial , the second line management agency for all districts and counties, streets, community-handling network, so network traffic handling capacity and multi-service management capabilities also put forward high requirements.

In this case, DCRS-7616's Gigabit performance for Gigabit to take on the core of "relaxation" of the mission, to help smooth upgrade to Gigabit network. At the same time, it's Tbps level exchange capacity and forwarding capacity Mbps level achieved wire-speed forwarding, a fundamental solution to the bottleneck of network congestion.

July 8 computers and a computer

Luoyang Municipal Labor and Social Security Information Center, Mr. Du said, Luoyang City, "Jinbaogongcheng" building, so city services, employment and social insurance significantly increased the level of information.

Today, the city of Luoyang has established an integrated employment and social insurance service management application system, "makes our city social security, employment services, applications, and the labor market application systems for effective integration of resources."

"I think, let me now if make a report to the mayor, I am also carrying a laptop is enough." Du look more relaxed.

Indeed, Luoyang City, "Jinbaogongcheng" build complete network platform, making the city of Luoyang "Jinbaogongcheng" to achieve administrative, management, services, harmony and unity, not only increased the social security Luoyang information between the various business communication but also simplify office processes, improve efficiency, and also as a convenient and effective service system load platform for building a sound social welfare has taken a solid step forward.

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