Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stamp effect in the production of Fireworks

1. New File width = 300, height = 300, where we set the background color of golden yellow

2. In the editing area with a rectangle tool drag to draw a rectangle, fill color is black. Open storke panel, set the figure (Figure 1). And then click Open storke panel at the top right of the black arrow in the pop-up menu, select edit storke .

3, the following settings in the pop-up box, the spacing (step) set to 170% (Figure 2)

4, open a picture, with the picture onto the editing area, adjust upper and lower positions they have teeth on the picture above the rectangle, as shown (Figure 3). At the same time to select them, modify --- mask - -group as mask. effect of out it.

5. To stamp with the word, the final results shown (Figure 4)


I was complacent, someone spoke out: not ah, I've seen stamps on white side of the tooth in the middle of the map is surrounded by a white box. Immediately ran to buy stamps for a look, if this man is really words. Never mind, we re to

White tooth edge stamps

1, the new document width = 300, height = 300, background color is golden yellow,

2, with the rectangle tool drag in the editor to draw a rectangle, fill color is white. Storke panel set to none in the no strokes.

3, select the white rectangle, edit --- clone, the cloned rectangle's fill color to black, and then modify --- transform --- numeric transform the original in the pop-up box to reduce the length and width of the 15 pixels, as shown (Figure 5),

Now this is the result map (Fig. 6)

4, select the white rectangle, open storke panel, set the figure (Figure 1), point storke upper right corner of the black panel on the small arrow in the pop-up menu to select edit storke, the spacing in the pop-up box set 170 %, the other as the default.

5, open the image, and use tools to image onto the editing area, then adjust their relations deserves a upper and lower, the black rectangle on top, picture on the second floor, a white rectangle on the bottom gear. Also selected black rectangle and the image, modify --- mask --- group as mask. how like? satisfied with it! do not forget to add words to it, the final results shown (Figure 7)

Teach you a little trick, if you place pictures in the stamps are not satisfied, you can layer panel, to mask the link opens (Figure 8) and then move the picture to a satisfactory position.

Well, here today, shaking it.

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